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Jeff Frey October 2, 2006

Posted by Jeff in Jeff Frey.

I got an email from a colleague who commented that I should write about who I am on the onset of this blog so that when I start talking technology people will actually listen to me. I think that’s one part of people ‘listening’ to you, but I think a big part is content. Through what you say (content), you demonstrate knowledge and research to give people the confidence that you actually know what you’re talking about. Hopefully I demonstrate that to the people that ask my advice, and through that, they realize that am in-fact work ‘listening’ to. For those of you who still need the bio, here it is:

Jeffrey D. Frey (Jeff) is Web Services Manager for Enterprise Applications in the Information Technology Department at Rice University. Jeff has more than ten years experience in leading edge technologies developing and managing Web based business solutions and applications. His technology work experience, together with global International organizational responsibilities, include: business analysis, application solution design, enterprise architecture design, software development, project management, vendor and customer relationship management, managerial, and leadership duties. Jeff holds a BA in Computer Science from Kent State University where he is currently completing his Master of Science in Computer Science. Jeff also keeps current with the latest internet tools and has additional experience in establishing a small technology business, a non-profit organization, and participates actively in the field of music ministry.

There’s a bit more to it when you start to talk about my personal life, what I do for fun, and music (especially music)… but that’s good enough for the tech side of things.



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