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Update to “The Podcast and Portable Media Expo – Day 2 Keynote” Entry October 1, 2006

Posted by Jeff in Podcast and Portable Media Expo, Podcasting.

This is a snippet of a comment that I received yesterday Steve (check out his podcast that he does with this 8 year old son at http://sgshow.blogspot.com/ where they talk about books, fun things for families to do together, and life):

“I left the keynote this morning scratching my head, wondering what the “big idea” was that Andrew wanted to convey.

I’m not sure if I hold successful media people to higher standards, but I was a bit disappointed that he didn’t say more that speaks to me as a small podcaster.”

Thanks Steve! I’m with you. I was a bit unimpressed with some of the presenters in general. I know some “don’t believe in powerpoint,” but sometimes it helps to organize thoughts and get points across. In some of the sessions that I went to, the presenter got a little crinkled piece of paper out of his pocket and proceeded to… just talk. I was expecting the rocketboom presentation to be much more focused, hence my “interesting” comment from yesterday’s post (as apposed to enjoyable, educational, inspiring, etc.).

I was at the conference with my friend Reagan and as we discussed it, he had a good comment. This technology is still being used in it’s beginning stages, and most of the presenters were individuals that have been doing it for a while. That means that they got in on the technology early and are probably, at the root, technology guys. They may be able to write RSS, and capture great video, compress files, and all that… but now we’re expecting them to be good presenters. It might have just been too much to ask of a few of them.

Disclaimer/Addendum/Caution: Don’t let any of the negative comments you read here discourage you from attending the next event that they have. It was well worth the trip and I will be doing it again next year.



1. Tim Bourquin - October 22, 2006

Hi Jeff – just came upon your post today – sorry for the late comment but I wanted to chime in. Thanks for understanding about the speakers – I agree some need some polishing and speaking lessons, but you are right in seeing that when an industry is new, the pioneers are often not professional speakers.

I’ve been down this road before when I started the Online Trading Expo back in 1996 when E-Trade and Ameritrade were just getting started. Those who were good online traders were often not good speakers, but as the industry matured, better speakers came along.

The trouble is balancing professional speakers, who often are good because they are selling something, with great knowledge who have nothing to sell, and have therefore not refined their delivery.

Thanks for coming to the Expo and we’ll see you next year!

Tim Bourquin, Founder
Podcast & New Media Expo

2. Jeff - October 22, 2006

A follow up to Tim’s comment…

Tim – I obviously wrote this before you released your 10-6-06 Podcast, but you stated exactly what I was thinking. (for everyone who hasn’t yet, listen to it at http://www.portablemediaexpo.com/audio.htm)

There is also an issue with getting professional speakers in that… they sometimes don’t know thier stuff! … and you’ll never hear that issue brought up about the expo. The people speaking not only knew what they were doing, but in some cases, were the people that came up with it.

Thanks for a great conference… and yes, you’ll see me next year!

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