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The Podcast and Portable Media Expo – Day 2 Keynote September 30, 2006

Posted by Jeff in Podcast and Portable Media Expo, Podcasting.

Andrew Michael Baron

Andrew Michael Baron, Rocketboom

This was more of a general session on rocketboom instead of a keynote, but still fairly interesting. Rocketboom is a ‘videoblog.’ If you take a popular blog, it has certain components. He explains that his videoblog is the same (title, topic, commentary). He also advised, as everyone does, that it’s good to set yourself up as filling a niche. Identify your audience, even if it’s a handful of people, and target them intensely. Get them involved. He started a wiki with info about the show, frequently asked questions, user feedback, etc.

They put out nine different video formats and part of why he thinks the show is so successful is that they put out rocketboom so it can be shared. He wants it to be as pervasive as possible. Not setting out to monetize it, he was just concerned about getting the content out there as far as he could. Then, he ‘gives’ things to his listeners that he thinks they would want (basically ads that they would be interesed in). Some of the dollar amounts that he was talking about were… high. Rocketboom is making a lot of money using that strategy.



1. Holland Cooke - September 30, 2006

As valuable as the conference agenda is — and it is! — THE CROWD ITSELF is a big part of the show. Lots of ideas flying around. Real community. The chat alone has made this show worth attending last year and this year.

2. Jeff - September 30, 2006

I agree completely. I have networked with so many people this year that it does closely rival the contents of the actual sessions. I actually skipped a session to brainstorm podcasting marketing ideas with a few people. Thanks for the comment Holland!

3. steve - October 1, 2006

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for posting this update. I think Rocketboom was interesting, but I left the keynote this morning scratching my head, wondering what the “big idea” was that Andrew wanted to convey.

I’m not sure if I hold successful media people to higher standards, but I was a bit disappointed that he didn’t say more that speaks to me as a small podcaster.

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