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The Podcast and Portable Media Expo – Day 1 Keynotes September 29, 2006

Posted by Jeff in Podcast and Portable Media Expo, Podcasting.

Podcast and Portable Media Expo

So I’m here at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo. There seems to be a pretty large crowd here and I’m surprised at the demographic. It seems that Podcasting cuts across all ages, genders, etc. etc. etc. Here are a couple pics of the audience including my friend Reagan (drinking his coffee). By the way, the pictures were taken with my Palm Treo as a test to see if that’s going to be a good way of sharing pictures.

PPME - AudiencePodcast and Portable Media Expo - Audience2

The Keynote Address #1
Leo Laporte – TWiT.tv Host
What’s going to be important in podcasting?

Leo Laporte

Leo gave a general talk about the name of ‘pod’ casting. He wanted to tell us that we as podcasters need to tell people that podcasting, and consuming podcasts, in not dependent on apple. “You do not need an ipod to do listen to podcasts!” He, himself, is re-branding things that he does as ‘net’ cast. Netcasting better explains what he’s trying to do, so he says. I also think keeping away from Apple’s ‘pod’ word helps too (for two reasons – legal and personal).

He also emphasized Cooperation over Competition. Podcasting is too early of a media to have infighting. As podcasters, we should not be fighting each other for listeners. We need to grow the whole podcasting audience in general and it’s really important to spread the word.

The Keynote Address #2 – Ronald D. Moore
Executive Producer of Battlestar Gallactica
How the Battlestar Gallactica podcast got started a interesting stories surrounding it.

Ron Moore

In general, Ron talked about the phenomenon of his commentary podcast about Battlestar on the SciFi website. It was started for 5 episodes as a ‘stunt’ to get some buzz going with the on-line podcast, forum, and blog community. He talked about what the technology was when it started and what it is now, the interesting issues surrounding the logistics of doing it, and the feedback that he gets about it from viewers, actors, and executives.



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